Thursday, March 22, 2012

BU's Dean Marx Calls Attention to Addictive Problems in Law Students

Always a friend to LCL (and currently VP of our Board), Christine Marx, Associate Dean for Student Affairs at BU Law, is currently using her office’s blog to call attention to the fact that law students are far from immune to responding to pressures by “turn[ing] to alcohol or other substances in unhealthy, and potentially destructive, ways.” In her position, Dean Marx has seen the potential for students’ lives to “go off the rails” as an undesired byproduct of drinking or drugging. She elaborates on the story of “Jane,” a 2nd year law student who is now ready to share with others the story of her drinking and recovery. To read Dean Marx's blog, click here.

LCL has always highly valued its close relationship with area law schools. Multiple studies have established the lawyers have an especially high rate of both addictive behaviors and depression, and it appears that these begin to emerge during law school. Students who, like Jane, are able to recognize and address these challenges even before they begin their professional lives can avoid the kinds of pain and disruption that might otherwise disrupt their careers later on.